#316 Pair of Chairs by Mats Theselius


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#316 Pair of Chairs  "Hommage á Sigurd Lewerentz" by Mats Theselius Nr 27 and Nr 29 out of 123 made, Year 2012, Outside in patinated copper, armrests in ebony.

Width: 24.5" Depth: 27" Height: 29"

"The idea came when I visited St Petri church in Klippan in October to show it to my interns. It is Lewerentz's last church and among the most interesting architecture that exists in Sweden according to myself and certainly many others. The copper roof was being replaced, I immediately got the idea of ​​doing something of the roof and Källemo hung on. The copper plate covers the outside of the armchair. The armchair is a play with and a free interpretation of the Lewerentz idea material used for the church. For the armchair I also produced a textile pattern that is based on the church's floor pattern. The armchair is manufactured in a limited edition of 123 That is how many the roof sheets were enough for. " - Mats Theselius January 2012